Inform Sequential and Summed Playback

Inform Sequential and Summed Playback

Sequential and Summed playback

The Sequential/Summed playback button in the Playback Control panel toggles between sequential and summed playback modes:

·         Sequential playback - each audio recording in the selection is played back on its own in start time sequence. Any silence (or gaps when referring to recordings other than audio) between recordings is always skipped.

Except where the recording is full duplex. Then, the 'upstream' and 'downstream' components of the recording are played mixed.

·         Summed playback - the selected recordings are queued for playback relative to the time the first selected recording starts to play. Therefore, overlapping recordings are played simultaneously, as they were recorded (summed). Up to a maximum of 32 simultaneous recordings can be played at one time. In this mode, silence between recordings can either be skipped or not.

When Skip silence mode is enabled in the Playback Control panel, any silence between recordings is not played

When saving the audio in the Sequential mode each individual call is saved and they play one after another (NOTE: If the audio is saved with Spoken Time & Date, the Time & Date will be attached to each audio segment depending on your settings preference in Inform)
When saving audio in the Summed mode the calls overlap in the chronological order they were recorded, or as a Dispatcher would have actually heard them